Memories of The Wharf

Reflections on what makes The Wharf so special

Memories of The Wharf: Kate Mulvany & Kip Williams

Kate and Kip shared an office at The Wharf when they were both Resident Artists at STC. Hear from them about why their time at The Wharf was so magical.

The Wharf at sunset

Share your memories

The Wharf has been a place where great memories have been made. We want to hear yours.

Colonial sketches 1788-1800

The Peninsula in Paint

The west headland of Sydney Cove has long been the subject of various sketches and paintings, both before and since the Walsh Bay wharves were built in the early 20th century.

Heritage Architecture at The Wharf

Read about heritage architect Tasman Storey's long association with The Wharf

Firsts at The Wharf

Revisit just some of STC’s ‘firsts’ that we’ve enjoyed in The Wharf over its long history.

Over 100 Years of Walsh Bay

Walsh Bay came to be in 1919. That is, 101 years ago, a busy area of the beautiful Sydney harbourfront was officially named Walsh Bay.

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The early years of Walsh Bay

The neighbourhood we know now as Walsh Bay stretches from Dawes Point (called Tar-ra by Aboriginal people) to Millers Point (Coodyee).

The Hungry Mile

Daniel Keene’s short play The Hungry Mile immortalised the struggles faced by these casual dock workers during the Great Depression.